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Cold Dead Hand Game

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Nashville, TN. Feb. 11, 2014 – Country singer and star of the TV show Maximum Archery, Andy Ross is entering the world of mobile apps with the launch of his new “Cold Dead Hand” mobile game based off of his hit song, “Cold Dead Hand.”

In the “Cold Dead Hand” mobile game, players can step into the brazen world of the “Cold Dead Hand” music video and experience the adrenaline that only comes from firing a gun. By supporting the “Cold Dead Hand” mobile game, players have the opportunity to take a stand for their 2nd Amendment Right to bear arms and have fun while doing it!

“Now it’s getting exciting! I am so proud of the success of my song ‘Cold Dead Hand,’ and now we have the perfect interactive game to go with it. Anything we can do as a society and as gun owners to spread the word about supporting and promoting our 2nd Amendment rights is all right by me,” said Ross. The “Cold Dead Hand” mobile game is being released in conjunction with Monster Arts, a leading app innovator and mobile lifestyle app/game developer, and Max Apps LLC, a company with a focus on hunting and family. The game is designed for use with iPhone, iPad, Android, Nook and Kindle.

The “Cold Dead Hand” mobile game is available for download from iTunes and Google Play for iPhone, iPad and Android, from Barnes & Noble Online Marketplace for Nook and from the Amazon App Store for Kindle for only $1.98.

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