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 Jun 11, 2014 - Adventure, Andy Ross

 Max Apps Games

Join Andy Ross swimming up the treacherous waters of the Amazon River, hunting Wolf Fish, Black Piranha’s, Legend Caimans, Venomous Snakes, and more. Your player has the new Andy Ross Ambush Bow and a hunting knife and swims into the oncoming traffic jam of treacherous creatures, all ready to make you their lunch. Use the knife to knife these oncoming attacks while swimming, or simply pause and stand up in the water and draw back your Ambush bow and obliterate the beasts before they get you. Run out of arrows? Collect the arrows floating toward you being passed down river on bamboo mats from your hunt-mates up the river. Add points for every kill. Swerve left and right simply by tilting your phone. Don’t let the river wash you downstream or its GAME OVER. How many points can you collect? In the app are also, free Andy Ross ringtones and links to Andy Ross Music Album and other games.

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